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Stay-Slim Secrets From Dietitians

Be Present

Make every bite count. "Eat slowly, mindfully, [and] try not to multitask so you can concentrate on your meal, and never eat anything that doesn't taste good," dietitian Sheah Rarback says.

If you take up to 30 minutes to relax and enjoy your meal, you are more likely to notice when you're full and stop eating.

Fill Up

Washington University Nutrition Director Connie Diekman has one-two servings of protein at each meal to help her avoid feeling hungry.

Diekman pairs lean protein like cottage cheese, beans, or turkey with vegetables, soup, or salads for filling, low-calorie meals.

Stock Your Fridge

"Salad greens and apples are great foods that can be the base for a meal or ingredients to add nutrition and low-calorie fullness to any meal," Jackson Blatner says.

Rarback always eats a salad before dinner to fill up on water-rich veggies.

No Eating After Dinner

"After-dinner calories can really add up, but if you satisfy your urge with a relaxing cup of hot tea, it is easier to resist eating extra calories," says Joan Salge Blake, clinical assistant professor at Boston University.

Modify Your Favorite Foods and Beverages

Blatner makes her own beer margaritas using light beer and fresh lime juice. When she craves tacos, pizza, or pasta, she makes her own homemade versions that are hundreds of calories lighter than most restaurant versions. Cooking always gives you more control.

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Reviewed on August 21, 2014

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