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Eating and Driving: The 5 Commandments

How to eat well when you're a road warrior

5 Healthy Eating Commandments to Eating and Driving continued...

* 3: Rehydrate With Smart Beverages

Sometimes for me, just about the only time I get a chance to concentrate on sipping water and hydrating myself is while I'm driving! Use this driving opportunity wisely by drinking decaffeinated, no or low sugar beverages. Watch the caffeine -- it's an intestinal and bladder stimulator. Overdosing in caffeine will make you over-visit the restrooms along the way, not to mention the attached vending machines.

* 4: Eat Balanced Meals and Snacks That Curb Hunger

Meals and snacks that are higher in fiber with mostly complex carbohydrates (not refined), and that are balanced with some protein and fat, will tend to be more satisfying in the stomach and will scare off hunger longer than a meal or snack that is mostly refined carbohydrates. One example of a balanced meal would be a bean and cheese burrito or a turkey and avocado sandwich on whole grain bread.

* 5: BYOH (Bring Your Own Healthy Snacks)

By planning ahead we can stack the snack deck in health's favor. We can keep ourselves comfortable, refreshed and well nourished while we drive -- without driving our healthy-eating intentions off a cliff. It is all too easy to grab a bag of chips or licorice or a box of crackers to eat in the car. Change the types of foods you take with you though, and you are not only adding more nutrients to your day, you are successfully avoiding a big collision of extra calories and fat.

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