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Holiday Feasting Without the Guilt

Take a balanced approach this holiday season, and you'll step away from festive meals satisfied, not stuffed.

Tune in to Your Body

It's fine to celebrate; just listen to your body and you'll know when to say when. Check in with yourself during the meal and ask yourself, "Am I full?" Take the time to monitor how full and satisfied you feel and heed what your body is saying. And slow down, or you may keep eating before your body has a chance to tell you it's full.

Of course, there can be other pressures, too: Most of us are familiar with the guilt that can get dished out by holiday hosts. Some cooks feel hurt if people don't have seconds or thirds when they've knocked themselves out in the kitchen. 

But there is an easy way to respond without seeming ungrateful or rude. "I think we really have to let go of the idea that it's rude to not eat more than we want to eat," Ansel says. "If your body has told you you've had enough, don't feel bad about saying 'Thank you, it was delicious. But I'm so full I literally can't take another bite.' Try it this year!" 

Reviewed on October 26, 2011

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