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Should You Stop Dieting?

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We asked if diets make you slender, or obsessed. Here's what you said.


Yes, Diets Can Make You Fat

—Monica, 32, paramedic

My first diet was Slim-Fast, and I was probably 20 or 21. It didn't work. I tried Atkins until I felt sick. Weight Watchers worked, but I had to obsessively add up calories, figure out food points, and deduct activity points. I can't say I've stopped dieting and lost weight, but I have stopped obsessing and lost stress. I realize that losing 10 pounds won't fix my life any more than gaining 10 will wreck it. If my mind is constantly attacking my body, then I can't be at peace. As a paramedic, I'm used to viewing the body as working/not working; alive/dead. I've never seen anyone die from being 10 pounds overweight. I have, however, seen people who've tried to cut their fat off, or have ruined their bodies by not eating. If your weight is taking years off your life, it should be addressed. Otherwise, do the best you can and be at peace with where it leaves you.

No, Diets Don't Make You Fat

—Colleen, 24, foster-care caseworker

I think diets make you aware, but not obsessed. I grew up playing sports but also eating pizza, curly fries, and mac and cheese. I started college at 180 pounds; I'm 5'5".
While studying forensic psychology in grad school, I started looking into jobs at the New York Police Department and the FBI. That's when my life took a serious blow...there were weight requirements! I decided to try Weight Watchers. I lost six pounds in the first two weeks. I was shocked to learn how bad my eating habits were. Through the program, I learned how to cook for myself and include my family in my healthy lifestyle.
I started going to the gym, too — within four months, 35 pounds were gone (my fiancé lost 45). I look 100 times better, but the most drastic improvement has been to my health: When I was overweight, I couldn't even run a mile. Recently, I completed my first triathlon.

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