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Spice Up Your Sex Life - No Matter What Your Size

Don't make romance wait for your ideal weight

Back to Those Sexy Scanties

Buying new lingerie can make you feel sexier. But Valan-Hudson says heavier women often think they need to buy the sort of getups you might see in an X-rated film -- garter belts and the like. Of course, you can get this type of outfit; even Victoria's Secret is carrying realistic sizes these days. Or you could create your own sexy style.

"My first recommendation is buy a good, sexy bra," Valan-Hudson says. "This is your base, then you can add a couple of items on top. A nightie or peignoir, perhaps. "Go with what makes you feel sexy," she says (he might even prefer your Scooby Doo t-shirt!).

Emphasize your favorite body part. If you have great legs, get a slinky gown cut "up to there." If see-through is not you, get a drapey silk gown, cut on the bias. But don't wear anything that makes you uncomfortable, emotionally or physically. If you do buy a bustier, make sure you can breathe in it (breathlessness should come later).

You could wear some of this under a robe -- or even a raincoat, Valan-Hudson laughs. "Leave something to be discovered."

What you might (re)discover is how much fun sex is. "I tell people the five secrets to great sex are communication, communication, communication, a sense of humor, and lubrication," laughs Blank

Reviewed on February 16, 2007

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