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The Weekend Diet

Your days off don't have to be your dietary downfall.

Staying on Track

Weekends are supposed to be enjoyable, with free time to spend on yourself, family, and friends. And there's no reason why you can't enjoy the weekends while continuing to make progress toward your weight loss goals.

Successful losers eat breakfast every morning to help control frequent trips to the kitchen for snacks. So start your day with a healthy breakfast like a bowl of high-protein, high-fiber cereal topped with fresh fruit, and skim or low-fat milk. Feel free to enjoy eggs on the weekends; just limit the high-fat sides such as biscuits, bacon, and gravy. Replace them with lean ham, fruit salad, and whole-grain toast.

Don't let your portion sizes creep up while you're relaxing. Have a large vegetable salad with light dressing before dinner to help fill you up. If you're still hungry after your healthy meal, drink a big glass of water and wait 15 minutes. Still hungry? Eat vegetables or fruit.

Be sure to drink unsweetened beverages and water, or small portions of other beverages, to help control your liquid calorie intake. Calories from sweetened beverages, including coffee, tea, soda, juices, and alcohol, contribute as much as 20% of the calories in our diets according to a recent study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Jump on the scale one morning during the weekend to keep yourself on track. Researchers say that people who weigh themselves often do a better job of controlling their weight.

To add to your weekend fun, turn your favorite activities into a workout. Weekends are a great time to dig in the dirt, play tennis, throw the football, or take the dog for a run. Combine spending time with family or friends with a fun activity, like a long walk or bike ride.

Enjoy your weekends without letting them undermine your weekday progress. A little caution will go a long way toward keeping you fit and fabulous!

Reviewed on April 06, 2006

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