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What Is Emotional Eating? My Story


That felt good. And it was the start of feeling better and better.

Over time, I began to feel compassion, instead of dislike and rejection, for the woman I had been during all the times before when I was fat. I had struggled so hard with the constant burden of those awful cravings, made myself fat over and over. Yet, with the protective "support" of my lonely emotional eating and my fat, I'd gotten out there and worked and raised two daughters even though I'd been scared almost all the time (without realizing it then, of course). I felt love for that woman, me, who had needed food and fat so much yet had never stopped trying, bravely and with hope, to get emotional eating out of the way of her life.

As compassion for how I was then grew, I began feeling compassion, even love for myself as I was now. And that was when I began to unlock the reasons why my emotional eating had so dominated my life. My excitement grew as I came to understand that this time, if I decided to lose weight, I wouldn't do it only to gain it back again -- and end up hurting myself even more. This time, I'd have the strength and self-esteem I needed for my life inside. I wouldn't need fat on the outside anymore.

And losing my dependence on emotional eating brought me so much more than a healthier-weight body. Along the way, I discovered I'd replaced the "benefits" I'd received from emotional eating and being fat with real benefits, including real feelings and wonderful friends, that added up to being -- really alive.


How Does Emotional Eating Affect Your Life?

To learn more, ask yourself:

  • What does my Emotional Eating help me do that I want, or need, to do?
  • What does my Emotional Eating help me avoid doing that I should, or want to, do?
  • What does my Emotional Eating help me avoid doing that I don't want to do?
  • What am I doing now that I couldn't do without my Emotional Eating?



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