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What to Wear While You Lose Weight

On your way to a smaller size? Here's how to deal with wardrobe woes

Size Insanity

You don't have to be a dieter to know that sizes are wacky these days. One manufacturer's 16 may be another's 18 or 14. Some retailers want it this way -- their "proprietary fits" create brand loyalty. And then there's "vanity sizing," where a garment that once would have been labeled a size 10 is now a 6.

That's why Fernstrom does not recommend people set a target size. Go by fit, and not size, which means trying everything on!

And what about those "fat" clothes that -- hallelujah! -- are now swallowing you?

The experts agree. Toss the larger clothes! Better yet, light a bonfire.

Goglia works with a lot of celebrities. "They are not unlike Joe Civilian," he says. "They have a fear of gaining the weight back, so they hold onto all their old clothes. When they look in their closet and see the 'fat clothes,' it means they haven't said good-bye to 'Fat Mary' or 'Fat Paul.'"

Besides, who needs a bunch of baggy clothes taking up closet space that you could devote to slimmer-fitting fashions?

"I now feel like I have the right to dress tight," exults Judy L. What did she do? Bought some Versace jeans. In turquoise.

Reviewed on July 28, 2006

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