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    The Super Foods

    Some foods can help you kill many birds with a single nutritional stone, so to speak. Certain foods appear more than once on these lists. In fact, I found three foods that are on all four:

    • Swiss chard
    • Raw spinach
    • Cooked greens

    I also found three foods that are in all but one of the lists:

    • Butternut squash
    • Tomato sauce/juice
    • Broccoli

    These foods are top sources of two of the four nutrients:

    • Almonds, peanuts, pistachios, and hazelnuts (magnesium and vitamin E)
    • Soy (tofu and soy nuts are rich in magnesium; green soybeans are tops in vitamin C)
    • Clams (vitamins E and A)
    • Oysters (vitamin A and magnesium)
    • Kale (vitamins A and C)
    • Cantaloupe (vitamins A and C)
    • Papaya (vitamins C and E)
    • Mango (vitamins A and C)

    10 Diet-Boosting Tips

    Here are some easy tips to help make sure your diet isn't deficient in these four nutrients.

    1. Enjoy a handful of nuts almost every day.

    2. Use raw spinach instead of lettuce for your salad.

    3. Throw some papaya or mango into your smoothie (mango is available frozen).

    4. Discover some of these less-popular vegetables as side dishes: greens, Swiss chard, Brussels sprouts, kale, and butternut squash.

    5. Add broccoli to everything you can think of (salads, casseroles, pizza, side dishes) and serve it with a light dip or dressing as an appetizer or snack.

    6. Enjoy cantaloupe as a snack, garnish, or part of your breakfast.

    7. Drink tomato juice, enjoy some tomato soup, or have an Italian dish featuring tomato sauce.

    8. For a change of pace, find a light entrée recipe that features clams or oysters.

    9. Pop some edamame (green soybeans) into the microwave for an easy and satisfying snack; munch on some soy nuts; and look for recipes that feature tofu. You can also add shelled green soybeans to all sorts of dishes, like fried rice, casseroles, pasta salads, etc.

    10. Switch to cooking oils that contribute some vitamin E (hazelnut oil, almond oil, canola oil), and buy the higher omega-3 and vitamin E eggs if they're available in your area.

    Also, try these recipes, which focus on foods that are rich in the nutrients so many of us are lacking.

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