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    10 More Ways to Make Halloween Less Scary continued...

    7. Don't Get Too Hungry

    "It's much harder to resist candy when you're hungry," says Puhl.

    If you skip a meal on Halloween day and let yourself get overly hungry, you'll be more vulnerable to candy temptation. When temptation abounds, it's especially important to remember to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are comfortable.

    8. Plan the Perfect Halloween Night Dinner

    Have a tasty, balanced meal for dinner on Halloween, urges Puhl.

    Rolls, who has done research on which foods are most satisfying, says soup and salad both help you feel full on fewer calories. She suggests choosing a dinner that is high in fiber, and includes some lean protein and a bit of fat, so it will take some time to digest. Refined carbohydrates move through the digestive system quickly, so you're likely to feel hungry again sooner.

    Her ideal Halloween night dinner? "Roasted or baked skinless chicken breast, a plate of vegetables, and some fruit salad," says Rolls.

    9. Sip a Warm Beverage

    Keep your hands and mouth busy while you hand out treats on Halloween night by sipping hot tea, decaf coffee, apple cider, or light hot cocoa. There's something about a warm drink that satisfies.

    10. Avoid Boredom

    People often end up munching mindlessly when they're bored. So keep busy Halloween night by making plans with family, friends, or neighbors.

    Arrange a Halloween potluck, go trick-or-treating with the kids or grandkids, go to the movies, or attend a Halloween celebration at a local church or community center.

    Or, just curl up with a cup of tea and a good, scary book.

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