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The Promise

Could a "Real Housewife" give you real diet advice?

Bethenny Frankel, one of reality TV's Real Housewives of New York City, is also a chef and former obsessive dieter. Instead of dieting, she recommends changing your relationship with food.

Frankel has 10 rules to losing weight, and they all follow the same basic principle: Eat well, but sparingly. You can still eat french fries or cake, but in small tastes -- not the whole plate.

She also thinks of diet as a "bank account" in which you balance all foods so you are not eating too much of any one thing. You balance starches with proteins, and vegetables with sweets. Whenever you splurge, you follow it with a calorie "save." For example, if you eat a cupcake, you might cut back later by having a salad instead of something with more calories.

Does It Work?

There haven't been studies on this plan. But watching your portion sizes and balancing food choices will limit the calories you eat and drink, which should help you trim down.

What You Can Eat

Frankel's plan is heavy on vegetables, with some whole grains and lean protein added. She recommends eating organic, locally grown vegetables, whole grains, chicken, and beef, and avoiding processed and packaged foods.

No foods are off-limits. You can pretty much eat what you want, as long as you lean toward healthy foods and limit your portion sizes.

Level of Effort: Medium

You'll have to pay attention to what and how much you eat. Frankel suggests using small plates rather than focusing on portion sizes. But you will need a general idea of the calorie counts in foods.

Limitations: Some of her sample meal plans appear to be very low in calories and short on nutrition. By following her plan, you may eat far less than the 1,600 to 2,000 calories a day recommended for women, and the 2,000 to 2,400 calories recommended for men. Eating fewer than 1,200 calories without being under a doctor's care can be risky. Frankel is not a health professional. You would need to make sure you meet your nutritional needs.

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