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Level of Effort: High

Adhering to a mostly fruit diet -- even with the occasional steak and sweet treat thrown in for variety -- for 5 weeks is a tall order, even for the most disciplined dieter.

If you can get to the second phase of the diet, you may find the unlimited portions and unlimited food choices liberating. But continually choosing meals and snacks that don’t combine carbohydrates and protein may prove challenging.

Limitations: If you don’t like fruit, or if you have a health problem, such as diabetes, that affects your ability to consume fructose in high quantities, this diet isn’t for you.

Cooking and shopping: Because the first phase revolves around fresh and dried fruit, shopping for and preparing food on this diet should be easy. In the second phase, your ability to combine only certain foods -- for example, meatballs and spaghetti cannot be eaten together -- could pose meal planning problems.

Packaged foods or meals: None required.

In-person meetings: No.

Exercise: At least two exercise classes a week; the main thing is to find an activity you love and do it often.

Does It Allow for Dietary Restrictions or Preferences?

Vegetarian or vegan: Mazel tells vegetarians and vegans to eat the same forms of protein they would normally eat, such as tofu, being careful not to combine them with carbohydrates.

Low-fat diet: The only types of fat this diet asks you to avoid are artificially created varieties, like margarine. If you wanted to cut the fat further, you could.

Gluten-free: With no restrictions on types of carbohydrates, this diet is compatible with gluten-free eating.

What Else You Should Know

Cost: None beyond your shopping.

Support: You do this diet on your own.

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