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  1. CDC: Teens Don't Eat Enough Fruits and Veggies

    Nov. 23, 2011 -- Many American teenagers may be eating fewer fruits and vegetables each day than nationwide guidelines recommend for this age group, a CDC report suggests. In 2010, about one in four high school students ate fruit less than once a day, and one in three didn't eat vegetables more than

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  2. Can of Soup a Day Linked to High BPA Levels in Urine

    Nov. 22, 2011 -- Eating just one 12-ounce serving of canned soup a day for five days straight may lead to more than a 1,000% increase in the amount of the controversial chemical bisphenol A (BPA) in your urine, a new study shows. BPA is a chemical used in the manufacturing of many metal food and bev

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  3. FDA Reconsiders Weight Loss Drug Qnexa

    Nov. 9, 2011 -- The FDA is again considering approval of an experimental weight loss drug it rejected a year ago over concerns about potential heart problems and birth defects in babies born to women who take the drug. California-based pharmaceutical company Vivus Inc, is now asking for limited appr

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  4. Best Diets? DASH, TLC, Mediterranean Are Tops, Experts Say

    Nov. 4, 2011 -- Just in time for anyone stressing over upcoming holiday weight gain, a new list of ''best diets" is out. But this list focused not just on diets that help you lose weight, but diets that help you stay healthy while shedding pounds. Five diets earned a ''best'' rating for healthy eati

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  5. Study: Eating Lots of Trans Fat May Lower Quality of Life

    Nov. 4, 2011 -- Many people indulge far too often in trans-fat-heavy foods because it makes them feel good, even though they know these foods may not be good for their hearts and their waistlines. But while that double cheeseburger or glazed doughnut might temporarily improve your mood, research fro

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  6. Red Wine Ingredient May Improve Health of Obese Men

    Nov. 2, 2011 --  A compound found in trace amounts in grape skins, peanuts, and red wine may defend against harmful changes seen in obesity that often precede diseases like type 2 diabetes, a small new study shows. These changes include inflammation in the body and insulin insensitivity. The study i

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  7. Exercise Can Overpower the 'Obesity Gene'

    Nov. 2, 2011 -- Obesity may be in your genes, but that is no excuse not to exercise. In fact, physical activity can reduce the effects of the 'fat mass and obesity-associated' (FTO) or obesity gene in adults. Previous research has shown that about 74% of all people in the U.S. with European ancestry

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  8. Holiday Feasting Without the Guilt

    At the holidays, it can be tempting to let your healthy eating plan fall by the wayside. But in reaction, are you planning to stick even more strictly to your diet, glumly passing up every traditional treat? Or will you abandon your usual healthy ways altogether and head into the new year with a nag

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  9. Weight Regain May Not Be Due to Lack of Willpower

    Oct. 26, 2011 -- Just ask anyone who has ever tried to shed extra pounds: Losing weight can be hard, but it's keeping this extra weight off that is often most daunting. Now new research in the New England Journal of Medicine sheds some light on why, and the answer is not lack of willpower. It seems

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  10. CDC: Most Americans Eat Too Much Salt

    Oct. 20, 2011 -- Most Americans eat more salt than federal guidelines call for, increasing their risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke, a new CDC report shows. Eating too much sodium can't be blamed on the salt shaker alone, because most salt intake comes from other sources. About 7

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