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Weighing In on Kidney Disease Linked to Obesity


"It's well established that obesity is related to diabetes -- in fact 80% of diabetics are type 2, and those are almost all people who are at least overweight if not obese. And then we've shown in the past eight or nine years that ... in normal healthy individuals blood pressure goes up ... with a fairly substantial increase in weight, and if you lose weight blood pressure comes back down. The contention is that over a period of time there's going to be a detriment to the kidneys," says Henegar, who was not involved in the Columbia study.

In the kidney, blood filtration occurs primarily in the glomeruli, microscopic raspberry-shaped tangles of blood vessels The glomeruli let small molecules such as waste products escape from the bloodstream out into the urine for removal from the body while keeping larger molecules (such as useful proteins) in circulation.

One sign that kidneys are diseased is proteinuria, or spilling of excess proteins into the urine. In some cases, proteinuria can signal progressive disease that could lead to kidney failure.

Fortunately, D'Agati and Henegar tell WebMD, in at least some cases the proteinuria seen in people with ORG can be halted or reversed with weight loss and/or the use of blood-pressure lowering drugs called ACE-inhibitors.

"We had a few patients where the proteinuria improved with the weight loss," D'Agati says, "We had five patients that had what we consider to be significant weight loss, losing up to 36% of their original weight. Four of those patients had no other therapy and in all four patients we described a decline in the proteinuria by at least 50%."


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