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Diet Study: Protein May Help Tame Appetite

But Trim Fat to Keep Calories in Check, Say Researchers


Appetite-Related Hormones

Blood tests were done to check levels of two appetite-related hormones: leptin and ghrelin.

On the eat-any-amount, higher-protein diet, leptin fell and ghrelin rose.

That's the opposite of what might be expected, write the researchers. Ghrelin is thought to increase appetite, while Leptin is thought to decrease it. However, many cases of obesity are resistant to the hormone leptin.

What About the Real World?

The participants didn't have to plan, shop, chop, or bake. But the foods weren't exotic or elaborate.

A sample high-protein breakfast was orange juice, egg white substitute, raisin bread with peanut butter and jam, and skim milk.

Lunch was a turkey sandwich with "light" cheese, fat-free mayo, and lettuce on whole-wheat bread, served with more skim milk.

Dinner was beef lasagna, green beans, and lettuce-and-tomato salad dressed in olive oil and wine vinegar. Snacks were canned mandarin oranges and pineapple.

See a health care provider for guidance on nutrition, weight, and activity issues.


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