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Diet Plans' Heart Health Compared

Study Rates Ornish Diet Best for Heart; South Beach Author Cries Foul
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Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

Oct. 4, 2007 -- The Ornish diet is the best weight loss plan for heart health, say researchers who compared eight popular diets.

Yunsheng Ma, MD, PhD, and colleagues at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, rated eight popular diet plans. The researchers chose one seven-day menu from each plan. They then ranked each menu according to seven dietary components most strongly linked to reducing heart disease risk.

Contenders, chosen because they are best-selling diet books, popular weight loss programs, or government recommendations, are the New Glucose Revolution, the Weight Watchers high-carb plan, the Weight Watchers high-protein plan, the Atkins Diet, the South Beach Diet, the Zone Diet, the Ornish Diet, and the 2005 USDA Food Guide Pyramid.

Dr. Ma, the envelope, please.

"We found the Ornish diet, the Weight-Watchers high-carb diet, and the and New Glucose Revolution rank high, but the Atkins Diet and the South Beach Diet rank low," Ma tells WebMD. "Surprisingly, the USDA diet is not high, but right in the middle."

First Place Goes to Ornish Diet

Scoring was based on seven dietary components that strongly affect heart disease risk: fruits, vegetables, nuts and soy, ratio of white to red meat, fiber, trans fat, and ratio of polyunsaturated fats to saturated fats. Each factor counted for a possible 10 points.

Out of a possible 70 points:

  • The Ornish Diet was the winner with 64.6 points.
  • The Weight Watchers high-carb diet got 57.4 points.
  • The New Glucose Revolution diet got 57.2 points.
  • The South Beach phase 2 diet got 50.7 points.
  • The Zone Diet got 49.8 points.
  • The 2005 Food Guide Pyramid got 48.7 points.
  • The Weight Watchers high-protein diet got 47.3 points.
  • The South Beach phase 3 diet got 45.6 points.
  • The Atkins Diet's 45-gram-carbs plan got 42.3 points.

This is very encouraging news for Dean Ornish, MD, founder and president of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito, Calif., and clinical professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco.

"They really get it, they understand what is important for good nutrition," Ornish tells WebMD. "It is heartwarming -- in every sense of the word -- to read this."

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