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7 Slimming Tips From the Skinniest State

Why Is Colorado So Lean? 7 Lessons From the Lone 'Blue' State on CDC's Adult Obesity Map

4. Check your environment.

Do your surroundings promote a healthy, active lifestyle, or are they kindest to couch potatoes?

True, Colorado has some natural perk like seasons that don't send people fleeing inside. "We have a weather pattern where you can be outside pretty comfortably summer and winter," Hill says. But there's more to it than that.

"If you're encouraging people to walk more, do they have places to walk? Are there parks? Are employers encouraging walking? On the food side, we encourage people to make better choices. Are better choices available?"

5. Think teamwork.

There's no magic bullet against the obesity trend, and if states get too caught up in debating which approach is best, their efforts could get bogged down.

"There are so many ideas around that in a lot of places, they're working more in opposition than working together," Hill says. "My solution to obesity -- someone else is going to say that's not the right solution at all; you need to do x, y, and z. I think it's been tough for people in a lot of states to come together to try to have a common strategy, and I think we're going to be able to do that in Colorado."

For instance, Hill says that Colorado is trying to work with restaurants to make meals healthier and portions more reasonable. "The thing that makes Colorado different is that the public, private, [and] academic sectors tend to be pretty agreeable to working together to try to find a common goal," he says.

6. Put out the welcome mat.

Colorado's obesity rate might be getting some help from fit people moving to the state. At least, Hill hopes so. "That ability to live a healthy lifestyle is something that people value," he says. "My hope is that we are beginning to attract people who want to come to Colorado because it's easier to be healthy in Colorado."

7. Have some humble pie.

Colorado doesn't have a whole lot of bragging room. Obesity is on the rise nationwide, and Colorado's adult obesity rate of 18.7% is knocking on the door of the upper limit for the "dark blue" color on the CDC map.

"We don't want to get in that next color," Hill says. "I believe with all the efforts going on right now in Colorado, we will stay out of that next color and I wouldn't be surprised if next year, we actually show that rates go down -- probably a little bit, but hopefully in the right direction."


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