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The Truth Behind 10 Diet Myths

Does Eating at Night Make You Fat? Is Caffeine Bad for You? Get the Facts on These and Other Diet Myths

How to Spot a Diet Myth

New diet myths can crop up at any time; fads come and go. To Duyff, the task of telling nutrition myth from reality boils down to this: Step back, check out the evidence, and be a bit skeptical. Here is Duyff's specific advice:

  • Look for red flags, such as promises that sound too good to be true or dramatic statements refuted by reputable health organizations.
  • Think critically. Consider the "facts" touted in diet myths. Are they from biased or preliminary research? "One study doesn't make a fact," Duyff says. "The messages need to be evidence-based," which means multiple studies conducted in large groups of people and reviewed by independent scientists.
  • Ask an expert. A registered dietitian or other health professional can help you tell nutritional fact from fiction.
  • Remember, there are no magic bullets. "The true approach to good health includes an overall healthy eating pattern, enjoyed and followed over time," Duyff says.


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