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    Avoiding Diet Sabotage From a Spouse or Partner continued...

    "Feeling threatened can cause partners to react negatively and not be supportive," says Gidus.

    To prevent this, make sure to reassure your partner that you love him or her, and ask for support for your weight loss efforts.

    If having the house stocked with tempting goodies makes it harder on you, ask your partner to please enjoy these treats outside the house when you are not around.

    And what if your partner loves to cook? In particular, says Gidus, "many women show their love through food just like mom did, and cooking is their way of making their partner happy."

    She suggests asking these nurturing types to find ways to show their love other than through food. And let them know that preparing healthy foods - even healthier versions of the family's favorite comfort foods - is a great way to show their love while supporting your health goals.

    Avoiding Diet Sabotage During Happy Hour

    If you're headed out to the bar with your friends, make a plan in advance for how you will navigate the alcohol, snacks, and pressure to consume both.

    "Knowing your temptations and being prepared with a strategy will help you enjoy the happy hour without feeling guilty afterwards," says Moloo.

    Her advice: Drink one or two light beers or wine spritzers, then spend the rest of happy hour sipping club soda with lime (it looks like a cocktail). If you eat high-calorie appetizers, consider them dinner.

    Don't let friends pressure you into making bad decisions. Stick to your drink limit, and order some healthy appetizers for the table for everyone to enjoy.

    "Be careful when you are drinking alcohol, because you can let your guard down and before you know it, you have devoured the appetizer loaded with fat and calories," says Moloo.

    Avoiding Diet Sabotage When Eating Out

    When you're eating out with family or friends, experts advise, try to keep the attention on the conversation and away from what you are eating (or not eating).

    "If you don't make a big deal about it, you are less likely to hear any comments from friends," says Moloo.

    It's also a good idea to plan ahead of time what you'll order, if you have an idea of what is on the menu. You might want to have a lighter lunch or a more intense workout that day so you can splurge a little at the restaurant.

    "You know you will be tempted by the menu and what everyone else is eating, so strategize your day so you can eat a little more than usual," Gidus says.

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