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    3. There’s No Accounting for Taste

    Ever notice how the first bite or two always seems to taste the best? It's true. After that first forkful, your taste buds (of which you have thousands) stop firing.

    “If you check in and really notice how the pleasure level is changing, you may realize that you’ve had enough far sooner than you would if you were shoveling down your food,” says Jean L. Kristeller, PhD, founder of the Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT) program.

    4. Set Your Mind on Slow

    Americans usually eat fast, spending just 8 to 11 minutes on a meal. Yet your body needs 20 minutes to notice that it’s full.

    Instead of gulping, take one bite, put your fork down, then chew slowly. Savor every morsel. Taking your time will make it much easier to tell when you’re full.

    5. Write It Down

    It’s been proven time and time again: People who keep a food diary lose more weight. In one study, food loggers lost twice as much weight as people who didn’t write anything down.

    Writing down what you eat will make you more aware of how much you eat. It will also help you keep an eye on the quality of food you eat. That awareness can lead to eating less and eventually losing weight.

    6. Be a Mind-Bender

    Ever splurged on a piece of pie and thought, “Why bother working out now? I already blew it for the day.” If so, it’s time to stop!

    Once you’re aware of this kind of self-defeating thought, you can replace it with a more positive one: "I’m human. I slipped up and had pie. Now, what can I do now to get back on track?"

    "This new thought can put you back on track toward the gym, and at the very least, it’s a way to show more compassion for yourself,” says Sofia Rydin-Gray, PhD, health psychology director at Duke Diet and Fitness Center.

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