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    Reach Out and Touch Someone continued...

    When you're connected to others, it empowers you to be stronger. It feels so good to get a kick in the pants or a hug -­ whichever is in order to motivate you to do the right thing.

    WLC member Keoyellow knows the power of the virtual hug:

    "The support here is awesome! When you do well, you get lots of hugs; when you feel like complaining about the program, you STILL get lots of hugs. And when you're feeling sorry for yourself because you did something you were not supposed to do, you get some flack, but hugs, too!"

    We're There for You 24/7

    The beauty of our program is that you can get support 24 hours a day. Post a message, read other posts, and find strength by visiting the boards any time of day or night.

    Members like KMSJ0505 understand that the magic of an online program comes largely from the commitment of the members: "It's what we are here for. Listening and supporting one another is one of the major benefits of this program, in my opinion."

    Our lead moderator, Kyra, couldn't agree more. "In my job, I recognize the power of support and I always try to give lots of TLC, but it is the members who are the most incredible source of support and inspiration for one another," she says.

    All of us get inspiration -- even goose bumps -- from the determination of members who won't quit until they meet their goals:

    "I have lost 32.5 pounds and I intend to lose the additional 40 that will get me to my goal weight of 165. The support here has been invaluable. I have been on just about every program invented. With WebMD I have had a slow, gradual weight loss. I hit a plateau at 27 pounds loss and it was a long one, 10 weeks. I was ready to give up and accept myself at 199-200.

    "Instead I went to the boards, discussed my problem, complained and groaned my "poor me" and got the "kick in the pants" support I needed to work through the plateau. That was six weeks ago. I have lost an additional 5.5 pounds since then. Without that help and support, I don't know what would have been the outcome.

    "Before WebMD and the support system here I WOULD have given in and the weight would slowly have come back. Because of the boards I am not only sure that I will REACH my goal but I WILL keep the weight off." -- Bearkeeper

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