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Setting the Tone

If you spend any time at all on the boards, you are familiar with the support our members give to one another. The moderators help set the tone with warmth, kindness, and a sense of humor.

Genev is not only inspired and successful at losing weight, she is also feeling better:

"I am truly thankful for this site, and the people on it. I have lost 12 pounds in a little over five weeks. That has been about 2 pounds every week! I feel healthier and fitter than I have in a very long time. I love to read this board. The friends on it give me great ideas and inspiration from just reading what others have to say. Kyra, you are especially a great moderator. You are supportive, diplomatic, funny...You and others writing on the board always seem to be right there when someone is in need of support."

Many of our members, like MiddleagedMildred, say things like this: "The support from this community is helping me feel better in my head...I am very grateful."

It's all About Connections

Your obstacle today was someone else's challenge yesterday. And because of the kindness shared on our boards, your new friends want to share how they met their own challenge and overcame it.

These challenges test your resolve, but working through them makes you stronger -- and the weight-loss results even more rewarding. It's a journey where opening our hearts and minds to help one another can result in major successes.

Yoyomama is so thankful for the creative solutions from her new friends that she attributes her success to the boards: "We have some great minds here offering support and solutions to any and every problem. Amazing! I, for one, could not have gotten this far without it. Thanks to all!"

And Neen writes: "I am thankful for finding YOU online! I never imagined I could find a nicer, smarter, more beautiful bunch of people on line!"

I could not agree with her more. Our WLC family is the best!

Chatting with friends is not only helpful when you are down and out, but according to Vickilynn, it is also just plain fun:

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