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    Our picks for light and luscious warm-weather treats

    A couple of years ago, I happily taste-tested various types of dairy products, including frozen desserts. Well, unless you've been in a cave for the past six months (or only shop the perimeter of your supermarket), you've probably noticed the explosion of new products in the ice cream aisle. So I figured it was time to take another look at "light" frozen desserts.

    While comparing labels of these products, I noticed four new developments:

    1. Where's All This Fiber Coming From?

    Because "net carbs" is the term du jour, many frozen desserts are suddenly loaded with fiber. Since dairy products don't naturally contain much fiber, it's being added. If you read the labels, you'll find ingredients such as guar gum, carob bean gum, etc.

    2. Low-Carb Doesn't Mean Low-Calorie

    Don't think just because you buy a frozen dessert labeled "low-carb" that you're getting a lower-calorie option. Most of the low-carb products I checked out were higher in calories than their lower-fat counterparts. Some even rivaled the high-fat standard -- Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Bars -- both in calories (around 300) and fat (around 20 grams).

    3. More Saturated Fat than a Whopper or Big Mac!

    That's right, folks, many of these low-carb frozen desserts have more than 10 grams per serving of one of the "bad" fats -- saturated fat. That's how much saturated fat you inhale when you eat a Whopper or a Big Mac! Klondike's Carb Smart Ice Cream Bar and Carb Solutions Mint Ice Cream have 11 grams of saturated fat per serving, while Atkins Endulge Peanut Butter and Chocolate bars contain 12 grams of saturated fat per bar and Keto Rt. 66 (Rocky Road) ice cream has 13 grams of saturated fat in just 1/2 cup!

    4. Watch for Sugar Alcohols If You're Sensitive to Them

    Check the labels of the "no-sugar-added" products for sugar alcohols. Many advertise that they use the artificial sweetener Splenda. But some of them add sugar alcohols along with Splenda. The labels list the grams of sugar alcohol, so if you know how much it takes to give you gastric and/or intestinal issues, avoid products that cross this all-important line (or eat smaller servings).

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