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Narrator: Megan McCarthy Healthy Lifestyle Consultant and Chef

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Hi I'm Megan McCarthy and today we're going to make one of our favorite desserts, except we're going to make it a little bit healthier for you.

We all love grandma's apple pie, so we're going to take all those favorite ingredients, like apples and cinnamon and nutmeg and only use half the sugar.

And you'll really feel good about making this dish as well as eating this dish.

We're going to use several different ingredients for our crust and we're going to take walnuts and pecans that we already ground down.

We have oat flour Now this oat flour is gluten free. We're going to take a little bit of honey for our sweetener.

And just a couple of tablespoons will just be sweet enough.

Apple Juice. And the apple juice is actually going to give it some moisture so it will all kind of come together.

We have some ground cinnamon of course and then this is kind of fun, this is nutmeg. And this is fresh nutmeg

Put it right over that oh you can smell that—so good! So we're just going to take that and roll it around a little bit and then we have created our crust.

Then we're going to put it in our pan

I've saved a little bit of this for the topping. So we're just going finish pressing it in as much as you can.

And then we're going to put it in the oven for about five minutes, just a little par bake and then we can come prep our apples.

We have a little bit of evaporated cane sugar. And then we're going to take a little bit of lemon juice.

More cinnamon of course because we love the taste of cinnamon. And then a little bit of vanilla extract—about a tablespoon—or a teaspoon excuse me

Throw that in there and just kind of toss those up. Let's go check on our crust. It's absolutely perfect. And we're just going to pour those right in there.

And just kind of arrange them so they kind of flatten down a little bit so they all get cooked when you're putting them back in the oven.

And then we're going to take the rest of our little bit of topping and we're just going to put it on there.

Isn't that gorgeous! I'm just going to pop that in the oven for about 40 minutes at 400 degrees and then when your apple crumble is finished,

it'll come out looking like this. Healthy, simple and delicious For WebMD, I'm Megan McCarthy.

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