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Narrator: Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD, LD, director of nutrition, WebMD. Michelle Obama, first lady. Hansa Bhargava, MD, WebMD medical expert. Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD, nutrition consultant and author. Jim Kauffman, national director for health and well-being, YMCA of the USA.

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What type of foods should I eat every day to be a healthy person?

Oh, I love that question, Brianna. That feeds right into MyPlate, which Mrs. Obama is very familiar with and Elizabeth wrote a book about it.

If you look at the plate, it's divided into four quarters and each half of the plate is fruits and vegetables, one quarter is protein, and one quarter is a grain.

So if you use that and you pair it with some dairy, that always gives you an idea of what your plate should look like, what breakfast, lunch, and dinner,

so you can always try to make sure that you have lots of fruits and vegetables.

And if I may just add to that, it's not only what kinds of foods you eat, but also when you eat them and how you eat them.

So it's important to sit down and eat them, not in front of a television, so that you know what you're eating and enjoy your food

and remember always to have as many family meals as possible, because that will make you healthy and happy.

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