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Weight Loss & Diet Plans

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  1. Fat-Burning Foods

    Here are 7 foods that may help you lose weight.

  2. Calorie Counts and Menu Labeling

    Learn about how calorie counts and menu labeling affects food choices.

  3. The Skinny on What Can Make You Fat

    An expert explains high fructose corn syrup and its effects on weight gain.

  4. The Latest in Obesity Treatments

    Our expert explains what we now know about weight gain and how to lose weight.

  5. Weight Loss Surgery Choices

    An expert explains the different types of weight loss surgery available.

  6. Weight Loss Doctors

    A new specialty focuses on weight loss.

  7. Food Additives Effects on Kids

    Health officials urge families to limit the amount of processed foods.

  8. Teaching Kids About Food Labels

    Want your kids to make healthy food choices? Turn them into food dectectives.

  9. Healthy Snack Ideas

    Registered dietitian Carolyn O’Neil offers quick, tasty, and healthy snack ideas.

  10. Low Fat Carrot Cake Recipe

    Healthy lifestyle chef Megan McCarthy shows us how to bake an easy mouth watering carrot cake without all the fat and calories.

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