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    How does weight loss surgery work? Could it help you? What's the risk?

    Before and After Weight Loss Surgery

    Is it Time for Weight Loss Surgery?
    Weight loss surgery takes physical and mental readiness -- and commitment. Ready to take those first steps? Here's how to prepare for your surgery.
    Tips for Success: After Weight Loss Surgery
    You're sure: Weight loss surgery is for you. But what happens after? From maintaining motivation to realistic expectations, here's what you need to know.

    Risks and Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

    Weight Loss Surgery Pros and Cons
    How does weight loss surgery promote weight loss? What are the benefits and risks? Get the facts to help you decide if surgery is right for you.

    12 Questions for Your Doctor

    1. 1.Is this the right time for me to consider weight loss surgery?
    2. 2.Which type of weight loss surgery is best for my situation?
    3. 3.How could the surgery affect other health conditions I have?
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