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You Can Lose Weight, One Small Habit at a Time

Weight loss can feel like a roller coaster: Up, down, up, down. Find your way to steadier ground by committing to a few small, simple habits.

You'll keep moving toward your goal, while your small habits build into larger ones that can permanently change your behavior.

Winning Ways

One reason small habit changes work is because you build success quickly. Each time you follow through on a small habit, you build your confidence. You feel more in control.

Plus, when you've set up a specific small habit, you can reduce anxiety about whether you're doing "it right" or doing "enough." If your small habit is to eat a vegetable every day at lunch, every time you do it, you can log it as a success.

Keep It Simple

The most important thing to remember when you choose a small habit is to make it something you can do.  Set yourself up for success.

Over time, you can ramp up that small habit to the next level for even better results. For instance, after eating a vegetable every day at lunch becomes a no-brainer, you can move to the next level of your goal. That could be to eat two vegetables at dinner every day.

That's the beauty of making small habits -- one habit becomes routine, and then you add another small habit. You keep moving steadily in easy steps that move you toward big change.

Link the habit to something that motivates you. Changing old behaviors takes work, so you need a good reason to make a new habit worth your effort.

Improving your health is a great reason. If that inspires you, terrific! But if it doesn't, try picking something more concrete and immediately noticeable.

If you want to drink water instead of soda, one way you could motivate yourself is to save the money you'd spend on soda to splurge on something you don't usually get for yourself. New music? A special magazine?

Your motivation can also be more about how you feel or think. Maybe you feel healthier and more natural when you drink water.

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