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    The Ornish diet may not satisfy you

    The diet is also supposed to prevent you from feeling deprived, but our experts disagree. "He has 10% of calories as fat -- you’re going to be starving on that," says Halton. "My feeling with the Ornish diet is it’s too extreme. It’s just too low-fat and too low-protein," says Layman. "Fat gives the diet texture and flavor. If you get too low, it’s just too hard to sustain."

    However, if you’ve already trimmed most of the fat from your diet and are looking for an extra weight-loss boost, Fernstrom says the Ornish diet can work as a good second step.

    Bottom line? Eat More, Weigh Less is probably too restrictive for most people to stick with, but if you can handle the hunger, your heart will probably thank you.

    The Sonoma Diet

    Nutrition expert Connie Guttersen, RD, PhD, designed the Sonoma Diet for people who love to eat. She calls it “the most flavorful weight-loss plan under the sun,” and with dishes such as pork chops with rosemary, Greek pizza with feta cheese, apple-blueberry tart, and – yes -- even red wine on the menu, it’s hard to argue.

    Sonoma is just one version of the Mediterranean style of eating, which favors fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish, nuts, and olive oil. Halton says it’s a good, balanced approach. “I think it’s a wonderful diet," he says. "It takes the nice aspects of a lower-fat diet -- not eating saturated fat and cholesterol -- but also takes the benefits of a lower-carb diet, where you’re not eating refined grains."

    As an added bonus, there’s some evidence a Mediterranean-style diet can lower your risk of diabetes and heart disease, and might even prolong your life.

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