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    15 Lactose-Free Breakfast Tips

    Lactose-Free Breakfast Ideas continued...

    Tip #5

    Cold Soy Milk Over Cereal: Because cold breakfast cereals tend to have some sugar added, pouring plain soy milk (or plain almond and rice milk) over cereal is a great nondairy choice for a quick breakfast. Or try lactose-free cow’s milk.

    Tip #6

    Soy Latte Option: In most coffee chains and cafes, you can order your morning latte or coffee drink with soy instead of milk.

    Tip #7

    Nondairy Baking: Soy, almond, and rice milk work well in baking instead of cow's milk. If you are using rice milk, however, you may need to add a little less than the recipe calls for due to its thinner consistency.

    Tip #8

    Lactose-Free Eggs: Make scrambled eggs by whisking a tablespoon of plain soy or almond milk or lactose-free cow’s milk with each egg. Use a nonstick frying pan to minimize the need for cooking fat, but if you need to coat the pan, use a little canola oil or olive oil instead of butter.

    Tip #9

    Lactose-Free French Toast: Make cinnamon-roll French toast by dipping whole wheat bread into a mixture of vanilla soy milk (or vanilla almond milk) and eggs with a sprinkle of ground cinnamon. Another option is lactose-free cow’s milk with a splash of vanilla extract.

    Tip #10

    Nontraditional Quiche: Whip up a lactose-free quiche with plain soy or almond milk or lactose-free cow’s milk instead of regular milk or cream, soy or lactose-free cheese instead of regular cheese, and a crust made with canola or olive oil instead of butter.

    Tip #11

    No-Butter Biscuits: Make lactose-free breakfast biscuits using canola oil, olive oil, or trans-free shortening instead of butter and lactose-free cow’s, soy, or almond milk instead of buttermilk or cream.

    Tip #12

    Vegetables for Breakfast: Dark leafy green vegetables like kale and collard greens contribute many of the nutrients we get in dairy. So when you are making an egg-based breakfast, throw some of those veggies into the dish.

    Tip #13

    How to Drink Milk: You may be able to drink no more than 1 cup of low-fat or skim milk with breakfast and still remain symptom free. You can also try using over-the-counter lactase enzyme replacement pills in order to help you tolerate dairy products. Lactose-free cow’s milk has the same nutritional benefits as regular cow’s milk.

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