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Lactose Intolerant? Enjoy Dairy Every Day

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100% Real Dairy. No discomfort.

Even if you have a sensitivity to dairy due to lactose, you can still enjoy creamy, delicious dairy anytime you want with LACTAID® Dairy Products! Whether you choose to enjoy them on their own or as ingredients in your favorite recipes, any time is a perfect time to enjoy dairy without discomfort.

How can the LACTAID® Brand offer dairy
without discomfort?

LACTAID® Dairy Products are 100% real dairy, just without the lactose. This is possible because LACTAID® Products contain a natural enzyme called lactase, which breaks down lactose so you can digest dairy without discomfort. That means that even those with dairy sensitivity due to lactose can savor the pure joy of a cool chocolate milkshake or a warm, creamy soup!

Learn about dairy sensitivity

Delicious lactose free recipes, resources & more

Everyone deserves to enjoy the deliciously creamy taste and wonderful health benefits of dairy. If you're sensitive to lactose (or are wondering if you are) don't wait another moment to visit! The site is full of tips, tools, and productinformation -- plus a dairy digestion test to help you understand and manage your discomfort due to dairy sensitivity.

Speaking of great-tasting creaminess, don't miss the collection of lactose free recipes! From creamy soups and salad dressings to main dishes like the Flavorful Pasta Primavera, these mouth-watering recipes are sure to impress everyone at your table. Have a favorite family dairy recipe? Since LACTAID® Milk is real milk, it can be used in any recipe that calls for milk.

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Why the LACTAID® Brand is the nation's #1 lactose free dairy brand

Since it began in the 1970s, LACTAID® Brand has become the most trusted lactose free dairy brand—and for good reason! From chocolate milk to ice cream, eggnog and cottage cheese, LACTAID® Brand's line of 100% real dairy products has grown to suit the varied tastes of dairy lovers across the country.

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