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    Dot Richardson

    Dot Richardson is an orthopedic surgeon and Olympic gold medalist in softball. She became the youngest player ever to land a spot on a women's major team, joining the Orlando Rebels at age 13.

    While at the University of California at Los Angeles Richardson shared the 1983 All-University Athlete Award with Jackie Joyner-Kersee. Richardson was named NCAA Athlete of the Decade in the 1980s. Her 21-year major career includes a national title, three national-tournament MVP awards, and six Outstanding Defensive Player awards. She has seven gold medals, earned while representing the United States internationally.

    Playing weekends for Raymond on the Raybestos Brakettes out of Stratford, Conn., Richardson spent weekdays earning her medical degree from the University of Louisville Medical School. She chose to do her residency at Los Angeles County-University of Southern California General Hospital, which granted her an unusual one-year leave to play in the Olympics.

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