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    Epilepsy Treatments: Keeping Seizures Under Control

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    Is It Safe to Switch to Generic Epilepsy Medications?


    Working With Insurance continued...

    Ask for an exception. “If your doctor has good reason to believe your epilepsy is brittle and you will suffer harm by switching to a generic, he or she can try to appeal it to the insurance,” French says.

    They can still refuse. If you have to switch to a generic, talk to your doctor about monitoring you closely, French says. “See if your doctor can do a blood-level test before and after the switch. If you find a generic you do well on, as long as your doctor measures the amount of drug that’s in the bloodstream, you can switch.”

    After that, be consistent. “Develop a relationship with your pharmacy and see if they can always get the same generic. Don’t bounce from pharmacy to pharmacy looking for the cheapest medication,” Gidal says.

    Check your pills right there in the pharmacy when you get them. “If they look different, ask your pharmacist if it’s the same thing you got last month,” Gidal says. If it isn’t, ask the pharmacist to write down what the medication is, including the lot number, so if there is a problem you can take the information to your doctor.

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    Reviewed on June 21, 2016
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