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    Medical Reference Related to Epilepsy

    1. Understanding Epilepsy -- the Basics

      Read basic information about epilepsy and various types of seizures.

    2. Understanding Epilepsy -- Prevention

      Can epilepsy be prevented? Learn more from the experts at WebMD.

    3. Epilepsy and the Spinal Tap

      Learn more about the spinal tap -- or lumbar puncture -- and how it's used to screen for epilepsy.

    4. Conditions Similar to Epilepsy

      WebMD explains various conditions which may be mistaken for epilepsy.

    5. Birth Control for Women With Epilepsy

      Epilepsy drugs can make some birth control methods less effective. WebMD explains.

    6. Seizures in Children

      Seizures in children may pass or be part of an epileptic disorder. WebMD identifies types of seizures, their diagnosis, and the risks they pose to your child.

    7. Handling Bad Behavior in a Child With Epilepsy

      Treating your child differently because he has epilepsy? Kids -- even those who have seizures -- need to meet the same expectations as your other children. WebMD offers suggestions for dealing with behavioral challenges at home.

    8. Childhood Epilepsy Treatments

      WebMD explains surgery and other techniques that have shown promise in treating epilepsy in children.

    9. Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy - Home Treatment

      Find out what to do when someone you're with has a seizure.

    10. Epilepsy - Topic Overview

      The brain controls how the body moves by sending out small electrical signals through the nerves to the muscles. Seizures, or convulsions, occur when abnormal signals from the brain change the way the body functions.

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