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    Epilepsy - Other Treatment

    For many years, antiepileptic medicine was the only treatment for people with epilepsy. This is still true for many people, although surgery is now an option for some. Seizures that cannot be controlled with medicine or treated by surgery may sometimes respond to other treatments.

    Other treatment choices

    Treatments for epilepsy that can be used along with medicines and surgery may include:

    • Special diets. For example, the ketogenic diet is a diet that tries to force the body to use more fat for energy (instead of sugar) by severely limiting carbohydrates-such as bread, pasta, fruits, and vegetables-and total calories.
    • Nerve stimulation. For example, vagus nerve stimulation sends weak electrical signals to the vagus nerve in your neck, which in turn sends the signals to your brain at regular intervals to reduce seizures.

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    Last Updated: March 12, 2014
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