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    If Your Partner Has ED

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    Erectile dysfunction can take a toll on a relationship. You’ll want to support and encourage your partner as he manages his condition. It’s also important to take care of yourself, too.

    Start with these strategies.

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    If you’re having trouble getting and keeping an erection, you may not have erectile dysfunction (ED). It might be a temporary problem brought on by things like stress, fatigue, or drinking too much alcohol. Your doctor should be able to clear up the mystery. So go pay a visit. If it is ED, there are lots of things that can help.

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    1. Learn as much as you can about ED. The more you know, the better prepared you'll be able to help your partner. You can talk about the lifestyle changes and medical treatments that could help.
    2. Let him know how much you value him. Remind him that ED isn’t a reflection on his masculinity, and that it hasn’t changed how you feel about him. Assure him that you’ll get through this together.
    3. Talk about how you feel. You’re affected, too. Just like anything else that’s going on in your relationship, it can help to talk about it.
    4. Stay positive. Discuss what you and your partner want and need and how to achieve it. Also, keep in mind that the condition is common and can be treated.
    5. Adjust your sex life. Find other ways to please and satisfy each other so that he doesn’t feel pressured to perform.
    6. Offer to go with him to the doctor. Even if he decides to go on his own, he’ll know you want to be there for him.
    7. Remind him to let his doctor know how he’s doing. Is his treatment working? Does he have questions or side effects? Encourage him to update his doctor about that.
    8. Keep up the other intimate parts of your relationship. Feeling close to each other can include more than sex. You may also want to talk to a counselor, if the changes related to ED are worrying the two of you.

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