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    New ED Drugs on Horizon

    Faster Acting, Longer Lasting Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

    Nearly a Cure for ED? continued...

    Barada said the treatment borders on a cure.

    "It is the interface between treatment and cure, because you affect the tissue itself so it responds in a normal fashion," he said.

    There's even better news: hMaxi-K isn't just for getting erections. Melman says a wide range of diseases arise from the failure of smooth muscle to relax.

    "These diseases don't get much respect," he said. "They include overactive bladder, asthmaasthma, irritable bowel syndrome, benign prostatic hyperplasia, premature labor, and premenstrual syndrome."

    Melman said a clinical trial in overactive bladder patients is expected to begin this summer.

    2-in-1 Erection Drug

    Sexual dysfunction pioneer Irwin Goldstein, MD, now editor of The Journal of Sexual Medicine, reported findings from a human study of a long-acting erection drug called SLx-2101.

    Like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, SLx-2101 works by inhibiting an enzyme that makes smooth muscles contract. Unlike the currently approved erection drugs, SLx-2101 is two drugs in one.

    When first taken, SLx-2101 is a powerful erection drug. While it is still working, the body begins to process it into a second drug. The second drug, dubbed SLx-2101m1, is also a powerful erection drug.

    "Existing erectile dysfunctionerectile dysfunction drugs either act quickly or act for a long time," Goldstein said, at the news conference. "What is so exciting is that for the first time we have a drug that has both clinical advantages. It is a fast-acting drug that acts well beyond 48 hours."

    Interestingly, Goldstein said that SLx-2101 improves erections not only in men with erectile dysfunction, but also in men already able to have erections.

    SLx-2101 is being developed by Surface Logix Inc. Goldstein serves as a consultant to the company.

    Faster, Shorter-Acting Erection Drug

    Not everyone wants or needs a long-lasting erection drug. For them, a new drug called avanafil may be helpful.

    Avanafil reaches maximum blood concentrations 35 minutes after it is taken, reports Mayo Clinic researcher Ajay Nehra, MD. It has a half-life (the time it takes for the body to eliminate half the quantity of a drug) of 90 minutes, compared with four hours for Levitra and Viagra and 17.5 hours for Cialis.

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