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Medical Reference Related to Macular Degeneration

  1. Age-Related Macular Degeneration - Exams and Tests

    A doctor can usually detect age-related macular degeneration (AMD) with a regular eye exam. Get the facts.

  2. PRK and LASEK for Farsightedness

    Photorefractive keratectomy for hyperopia (H-PRK) is a newer and more difficult procedure than PRK for nearsightedness (myopia). H-PRK uses a laser to reshape the cornea so that light is refocused on the retina.

  3. Retinal Detachment - Treatment Overview

    Only surgery can repair retinal detachment. It is usually successful and, in many cases, restores good vision.

  4. Amblyopia - Frequently Asked Questions

    Learning about amblyopia: What is amblyopia? How does normal vision develop? Being diagnosed When should my child have an eye exam and vision test? Living with amblyopia: How can I get my child to wear an eye patch as directed by a doctor? ...

  5. Retinal Detachment - What Increases Your Risk

    Read about factors that make retinal detachment more likely.

  6. Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) for Farsightedness

    Hyperopic laser in - situ keratomileusis (H - LASIK) is becoming a preferred procedure for correcting farsightedness (hyperopia).

  7. Cataracts - When To Call a Doctor

    If you have cataracts, call your doctor immediately if you have severe eye pain or a sudden change in your vision.

  8. Medical History and Physical Exam for Nearsightedness - Topic Overview

    During an exam for nearsightedness, your doctor will ask questions about your health, lifestyle, medicines you are taking, and past eye problems. Answers to questions about your family members can help determine whether you may have inherited eye problems.When a child is too young to be aware of blurred vision (younger than age 7 or 8), the doctor commonly asks the parents questions such as those listed below. The answers may help the doctor know whether the child is nearsighted.Is there a family history of nearsightedness? Are the child's parents or siblings nearsighted? (Most nearsightedness is inherited.)Was the child born prematurely? (Premature birth is a risk factor for nearsightedness.)Where does the child sit in classrooms or movies? (A nearsighted child may have difficulty seeing the board or screen from the back of the room and so may prefer to sit near the front.)How far from his or her face does the child hold books to read? [A child with severe nearsightedness will hold

  9. Nearsightedness: Questions to Ask About Surgery - Topic Overview

    In many states, only ophthalmologists—not optometrists—can do this surgery, and many ophthalmologists do not perform surgery on a regular basis. Doctors who are affiliated with a medical school or major eye clinic may have better access to the latest procedures and technology. If you are thinking about having surgery:Consider getting an independent second opinion by talking to an ophthalmologist who would not be doing the refractive surgery itself but could evaluate you as a candidate for surgery and recommend a surgeon.Look for an eye surgeon who has taken several courses in the procedure (not just a single course) and who has done at least 25 to 30 procedures. Ask what the success rate has been in these procedures. And ask how satisfied the patients were with the results.Choose an eye surgeon who will personally handle your care and follow-up after surgery.Ask about your risk of halo or glare.Ask whether you can look through lenses that will duplicate the amount of

  10. Blocked Tear Ducts: Probing Procedures - Topic Overview

    Probing is a procedure that is sometimes used to clear or open a blocked tear duct. The doctor inserts a surgical probe into the opening (punctum) of the tear duct to clear the blockage. Afterward,he or she may insert into the duct a tiny tube with water running through it. The water contains a fluorescein dye. If the doctor sees that dye has moved into the nasal cavity,he or she will know ...

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