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  1. Objects in the Eye - Topic Overview

    It's not uncommon for a speck of dirt or a small object, such as an eyelash or makeup, to get in your eye. Usually your natural tears will wash the object out.

  2. Health Insurance and Refractive or Laser Eye Surgery

    WebMD gives you information about under what circumstances health insurance would cover refractive or laser eye surgery.

  3. Burns to the Eye - Home Treatment

    Information on home treatment of burns to the eye.

  4. Eye Injuries - Home Treatment

    Most minor eye injuries can be treated at home. Learn how.

  5. Eye Problems, Noninjury - Topic Overview

    Many people have minor eye problems, such as eyestrain, irritated eyes, or itchy, scaly eyelids (blepharitis).

  6. Eye Injuries - Prevention

    Tips to help prevent eye injuries. Wear safety glasses, goggles, or face shields when you hammer nails or metal, work with power tools or chemicals, or do any activity that might cause a burn to your eyes.

  7. Night Vision Problems: Halos, Blurred Vision, and Night Blindness

    WebMD helps you understand night vision problems such as halos, blurriness, and night blindness. With a doctor’s help, you can find ways to treat vision problems you have at night.

  8. Your Eyes and Iritis

    Iritis is a painful inflammation of the iris of the eye. Learn more about its causes, symptoms, and treatment.

  9. Objects in the Eye - Prevention

    Tips to help prevent objects from getting into your eyes.

  10. Eye Injuries - Topic Overview

    It's common for a speck of dirt to get blown into your eye, for soap to wash into your eye, or for you to accidentally bump your eye.

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