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  1. Age-Related Macular Degeneration - Home Treatment

    People with either type of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in one or both eyes should check the vision in each eye using an Amsler grid every day or as often as the doctor recommends.

  2. Perimetry Test (Visual Field Testing) for Glaucoma

    A perimetry test (visual field test) measures all areas of your eyesight, including your side, or peripheral, vision.To do the test, you sit and look inside a bowl - shaped instrument called a perimeter. While you stare at the center of the bowl, lights flash. You press a button each time you see a flash. A computer records the spot of each flash and if you pressed the button when the light flashe

  3. Tips for Good Vision - Topic Overview

    The following tips can help you reduce eyestrain and keep your eyes healthy and your vision as clear as possible. Provide good light for reading,work,or study (soft background light plus a light on your task). Take regular breaks from close work and visually demanding tasks. Blink often,and close and rest your eyes when they feel tired or dry. Avoid glare on TV and computer screens. Place ...

  4. Contact Lenses: Dry Eyes - Health Tools

    Health Tools help you make wise health decisions or take action to improve your health.Actionsets are designed to help people take an active role in managing a health condition. Eye Problems: Using Eyedrops and Eye Ointment

  5. Cataracts and Ultraviolet Light - Topic Overview

    Ultraviolet (UV) radiation, such as sunlight, is absorbed by the lens of the eye and can lead to the formation of chemicals called free radicals inside the lens. Over time, free radicals may damage the lens, causing cataracts.People exposed to excessive amounts of sunlight because of their profession (such as agricultural workers), geographic area (such as sunny parts of the country), or use of tanning booths or sunlamps may be more likely to form cataracts.It is not known for sure whether reducing UV exposure helps prevent cataracts.

  6. Drooping Eyelids - When to Call a Doctor

    Call a health professional if:Your eyelids suddenly start to droop.Drooping eyelids interfere with your vision.Your eyes are dry and irritated, or your eyelids do not close completely during sleep.Your eyelashes start to rub on your eyeball. ...

  7. Nearsightedness: Overcorrection After Surgery - Topic Overview

    Overcorrection makes an eye that was nearsighted before surgery farsighted (hyperopia) after surgery. Overcorrection speeds up the start of presbyopia. Most people who have overcorrection will need reading glasses around age 40. Improvements in surgical techniques are reducing the risk of overcorrection. Surgery to correct overcorrection is possible. But it is hard to predict how well it will work. With radial keratotomy (RK) surgery, the number of people who are overcorrected or farsighted seems to increase as more time (years) passes after the procedure. These changes over time are believed to be caused by the hyperopic shift. The hyperopic shift is less common in people who have had laser surgery.

  8. Blocked Tear Ducts: Intubation - Topic Overview

    Blocked tear ducts are sometimes cleared using a procedure called intubation. During intubation,two small wire probes attached to silicone tubes are passed into the upper and lower tear duct openings (puncta) and down the tear duct drainage system into the nasal cavity. The wires are removed and the tubes are tied or sewn in place to keep the tear ducts open. Intubation is usually done as ...

  9. Glaucoma - Surgery

    Read about glaucoma surgery, which is not always necessary to treat glaucoma.

  10. Nearsightedness (Myopia) - Frequently Asked Questions

    Learning about nearsightedness: What is nearsightedness? Who is affected by nearsightedness? What inherited conditions are associated with being nearsighted? Being diagnosed: When should children have their eyes and vision checked? When should adults have their eyes and vision checked? What kind of eye care specialist should I see? What do the medical history and physical exam for nearsightedness ...

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