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    Medical Reference Related to Macular Degeneration

    1. Frequently Asked Questions About Glaucoma

      If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with glaucoma, these questions and answers from the experts at WebMD can give you more information about the disease.

    2. Double Vision (Diplopia)

      WebMD takes a look at double vision, a condition that requires emergency medical care. Learn about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment for this vision problem.

    3. Eye Safety and Sports

      Learn about eye safety and sports from the experts at WebMD.

    4. Eye Health and Strabismus

      Strabismus is a condition that causes crossed eyes. Learn more from WebMD about therapy to correct this eye problem, which typically affects children.

    5. How to Read Your Eyeglass Prescription

      WebMD helps you understand what your eyeglass prescription means.

    6. Your Eyes and Cornea Problems

      Learn more from WebMD about how cornea conditions can affect vision. We look at various conditions of the cornea and how they are treated.

    7. Coping With Vision Loss

      Losing your ability to see can be very difficult to accept. Learn more from WebMD about coping with vision loss.

    8. Corneal Abrasion

      WebMD describes the symptoms, causes, and treatments of a corneal abrasion.

    9. Eye Health and Uveitis

      WebMD explains the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of uveitis, an inflammation of the inner layers of the middle eye.

    10. Macular Dystrophy

      WebMD explains a rare condition called macular dystrophy, a genetic eye disorder that causes central vision loss.

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