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    Laser Not the Only Option for Nearsightedness


    While Intacs were not offered to Mulrain, she says she would still undergo LASIK because she is so happy with the results. "I didn't have any of the side effects that I was warned about either," she says.

    "It's really a decision based on whether people want to stay with LASIK, a procedure that has been around longer and that they know people who have undergone, or try a newer technology that has the potential for removability or adjustability down the road," says Daniel Durrie, MD, director of refractory surgery for the Hunckler Eye Center in Kansas City, Mo. "Some people may choose Intacs because it provides them with the ability to change for a better technology if one is developed in 10 years or so," he tells WebMD.

    If you choose LASIK, Boxer Wachler suggests asking the surgeon if the procedure is safe with your pupil size, because people with large pupils are at greater risk for decreased night vision and halos (the glare that appears over certain objects).

    Also, he adds, make sure the surgeon you choose performs other types of eye surgery so he or she is equipped to choose the procedure that is best for you. "The surgeon needs to be well-versed in all the procedures, so he or she can find the best treatment for you," Boxer Wachler tells WebMD.

    Other questions that can help you pick a surgeon include inquiring how many times the surgeon has performed LASIK and asking about his or her results, Durrie adds. Also, "don't be afraid to ask to check some references, " Durrie says.

    Vital Information:

    • Patients with mild nearsightedness may have an alternative to LASIK surgery, known as Intacs.
    • The procedure involves placing two tiny half rings within each eye to reshape the cornea, and they are removable and easily adjustable in the future.
    • One expert advises patients to find a surgeon who performs many types of eye surgeries, so that he or she can help choose the best procedure for each individual.
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