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Primary Congenital Glaucoma

How Is Primary Congenital Glaucoma Treated? continued...

In some cases when surgery can't be performed immediately, the doctor will prescribe eye drops, oral medicine, or a combination of both to help control pressure before surgery.

One common approach is microsurgery. This uses small surgical instruments to create a drainage canal for the excess fluid.

Sometimes the doctor will implant a valve or small tube to allow the fluid to drain from the eye.

If the usual surgery or implanting a tube isn't effective, the doctor may perform laser surgery to destroy the area where the fluid is produced.

In some cases following surgery, the doctor will prescribe medicine to help control pressure in the eye.

What Are the Possible Complications From Surgery?

The most common complication is a reaction to the anesthesia. Other complications can include:

  • Insufficient reduction of eye pressure or excessive lowering of eye pressure
  • Developing a lazy eye, called amblyopia
  • Retinal detachment
  • Astigmatism
  • Dislocation of the eye's lens

Because increased pressure can reoccur at any time, regular eye checkups are needed throughout life.

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Reviewed by Alan Kozarsky, MD on May 26, 2014
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