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    Refractive Error: Treatment Pros and Cons - Topic Overview

    Treatments for farsightedness
    Type of correction Advantages Disadvantages
    • Unacceptable in some types of work (such as firefighting) or in active sports (although some athletes wear prescription goggles during sporting events)
    • You may feel they are inconvenient, uncomfortable, annoying (they tend to fog up in humid or cold environments, for example), or unattractive.
    • Can be broken or lost
    Contact lenses
    • Predictable vision correction
    • Eliminate the need to wear eyeglasses all the time
    • Provide better peripheral (side) vision than eyeglasses
    • A wide range of lens types is available to meet individual needs.
    • Cost more than eyeglasses but less than surgery (though surgery may be less expensive in the long run if it allows you to go without glasses or contacts)
    • You may prefer the way you look wearing contacts rather than eyeglasses.
    • Cleaning and disinfecting your contact lenses can be complicated and inconvenient. You need good hand-eye coordination to clean, insert, and remove the lenses.
    • Increased risk of corneal infections, scratches, and scrapes
    • Can be easily damaged or lost
    • Some people can't wear contact lenses comfortably.
    • Yearly costs include the lenses and the solutions to clean and disinfect them. The costs are greater for people who have to replace their lenses or change prescriptions regularly.
    • You may no longer need to wear corrective lenses (glasses or contacts) after surgery.
    • You will not have to bother with the daily cleaning and care of contact lenses.
    • May turn out to be less expensive than glasses or contact lenses over the long term, if you don't need corrective lenses after surgery
    • Some people still need corrective lenses after surgery.
    • Long-term risks are still unknown.
    • Risk of complications (though complications that threaten vision are rare)
    • Skilled surgeons may not be available in all areas.
    • Surgery and follow-up care are expensive.

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