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FDA Law Enforcers Crack Down on Botox Scammers

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Tips for Consumers Considering Botox Injections

  • Botox Cosmetic is an injectable drug and should be administered by a trained, qualified health care professional.
  • Know what you are being injected with. Make sure your health care professional is using only an FDA-approved product purchased within the United States. If he or she refuses to give you this information, look for another health care professional.
  • Make sure the benefits and risks are fully explained to you in a patient consultation.
  • Fully disclose any medical conditions you might have and medications you are taking, including vitamins and over-the-counter drugs.
  • Botox Cosmetic should be administered in an appropriate setting using sterile instruments. A non-physician who is appropriately licensed and trained may perform the injections under the supervision of a qualified physician. Malls and private homes are not medical environments and may be unsanitary.

Adapted from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. 

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