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Safety Concerns About Testosterone Gel

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Advice for Consumers

  • Adults who use testosterone gels should wash their hands with soap and warm water each time they apply the gel.
  • Adults should cover the area where they have applied the gel with clothing once the gel has dried.
  • Adults should wash the area where they apply the gel thoroughly with soap and warm water prior to any situation where skin-to-skin contact with another person may occur.
  • Children and women should avoid contact with areas of skin where men have applied the gel.
  • Adults should note that using any similar, but unapproved, products from the marketplace—including the Internet—can result in the same serious side effects and should be avoided.
  • Adults should contact their child's health care professional if they see any signs of the child's exposure to testosterone gels.

Health care professionals and consumers may report serious side effects or product quality problems with the use of these gels to FDA's MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program either online, by regular mail, fax or phone.

AndroGel 1% is manufactured by Solvay Pharmaceuticals in Marietta, Ga. Testim 1% is made by Auxilium Pharmaceuticals in Malvern, Pa.

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