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    Tips, Information, and Insights from the WebMD Fibromyalgia Community

    WebMD Fibromyalgia Community: What's Your Biggest Fibromyalgia Pet Peeve?

    Fibromyalgia can disrupt a person’s life in many ways, large and small. In WebMD’s Fibromyalgia Community, people with fibromyalgia share the things that frustrate and aggravate them about living with fibromyalgia -- their “pet peeves” about the condition.

    Many people in the community agree that their worst problem is when some people think fibromyalgia is "all in your head," so they don’t offer much support. "My biggest pet peeve is probably friends telling me I'm lame when I can't hang out after 8 p.m. (I have a strict bedtime) or being frustrated with me when I have to back out of plans," says one woman.

    "If I have one more person tell me to just get out and do something and I'll feel better, I'm gonna blow," adds another.

    A common pet peeve many people with fibromyalgia have is the difficulty of explaining to others exactly how they are feeling, and the impact of their wide-ranging fibromyalgia symptoms. "I hate the fact that you can't find the words to explain what it's like to people. I call it the invisible illness. At best we look tired. I'm tired all right -- tired of being tired, feeling I can't make it and I've lost my sense of humor," says one woman.

    Several other people add that it’s difficult to ask for help and focus on themselves first, as they’ve always been the type to put themselves last. "It's OK to ask for help," reassures one woman. "It's how we ask that matters most. 'I appreciate you' is powerful, as is 'I love you.'"

    Others point to the need to sleep all day and the inability to participate in common activities as factors that drive them crazy. One woman is heartbroken when her 4-year-old son says "Mama, come play with me," and she just can't.

    Some people also share funny "pet peeves" that they use to help them laugh a little about their situation. One woman jokes about the effects of her "fibro fog" on daily living. "Have you seen my keys? My glasses? My car? I think my cat is missing." She also says that she's starting a "doctors I’ve been to" trading card collection. "I'll trade you a pain management card for a good rheumatologist!"

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