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Fibromyalgia Health Center

Symptoms & Types

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Symptoms of fibromyalgia come in many shapes and sizes -- and fibromyalgia is often confused with other conditions. Learn all about fibromyalgia symptoms and how to manage your symptoms effectively.


Are you living with fibromyalgia symptoms? They can range from pain and sleep problems to dry eyes and irritable bowel. Learn more now and start feeling better today.

Could your symptoms be fibromyalgia?

Learn all about fibromyalgia tender points and where they are located on the body. Get the best tips for managing tender point pain.

Whether you have deep muscle pain, painful joints, or back or neck pain with fibromyalgia, learn more about the causes of fibromyalgia pain and how it's prevented and treated.

Chronic fatigue is common in people living with fibromyalgia. Find out more about fibromyalgia and fatigue, and learn how to manage this symptom so you can have an active life. 

Sleep problems are common with fibromyalgia. Learn all about fibromyalgia's sleep problems -- the different signs and symptoms -- and then find answers to get a good night's sleep.

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