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Feb. 2, 2000 (Atlanta) -- Carrie Boudreau could almost be called petite -- especially considering what she can accomplish. Although she weighs in around 125 pounds, researchers at the University of Dayton in Ohio say she's "arguably" the world's strongest woman overall.

How strong is strong? Boudreau holds the world record in her weight class of 56 kg (about 124 pounds) for lifting a mere 1,154.72 pounds. Granted, that's a total sum of three lifts: the dead lift, the bench press, and the squat lift. But in the dead lift alone, where the athlete bends at the waist and lifts the weight off the ground, Boudreau lifted 491.72 pounds.

There are women who have lifted more, but no one of lighter body weight has lifted more. The researchers wanted to find out, through statistical analysis, who is the world's strongest woman pound-for pound. The subjects in the study, published in the January issue of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, were the 36 current world record holders according to the International Powerlifting Federation.

"We know that bigger people tend to be stronger, so when we're trying to compare people of different sizes, it sounds easy. You'd think all you'd have to do is take what they lift and divide by how heavy they are. But it turns out that's actually not a good way to do it because of the laws of biology, and the [fact] that when animals get bigger they don't get proportionately stronger," lead author Paul M. Vanderburgh, EdD, associate professor in exercise science at the University of Dayton, tells WebMD.

In order to factor in the influence of body size correctly, Vanderburgh says, results were compared using two different statistical formulas, which have been published before in similar studies. "The reason we stuck with the two models we used [was that] those are the only ones that have any theoretical basis," he tells WebMD.

After all the numbers were run, using both statistical models, Boudreau came out on top -- even though she was in the more competitive middleweight classes. "That's really how remarkable she is, because even if you don't take into account that she's up against much more competition, she's still the strongest. It's quite remarkable," Vanderburgh tells WebMD.

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