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Aug. 10, 2000 -- Men, as well as women, can suffer from poor body image. But while many women are convinced they need to be rail-skinny, men tend to want to be bigger and more muscular -- often because they think it will impress women. But guess what, guys? Women aren't terribly interested in the muscle-bound look.

"Men in the U.S. and Europe seem to think that women want them to be much more muscular than women actually want them to be," says Harrison Pope, MD, a psychiatry professor at Harvard Medical School who was part of a team that researched male body image and female preferences.

Worse, says Pope, if the quest for bigger muscles becomes obsessive, it can become muscle dysmorphia, known in body-building circles as "bigorexia" or "reverse anorexia." In fact, Pope and other experts believe the syndrome is related to anorexia nervosa. "They are both disorders of body image," he says. "Their preoccupations simply go in opposite directions."

For their study, published in the American Journal of Psychology, the researchers from Harvard and Europe recruited a total of 200 college-age men, from the U.S., Austria, and France. From a stack of pictures portraying various male body types, each man was asked to choose the image that most closely resembled his own body, the image that matched the body he would like to have, the one that looked most like the body of an average man of his age, and the one he thought was preferred by women.

While the men came close to choosing images that matched their own bodies and those of an average man their age, in all three countries they chose an ideal body that was, on average, about 28 pounds more muscular than their own bodies. They also guessed that women would prefer a male body that was about 30 pounds more muscular than these men's own bodies.

The researchers then presented the images to 43 college-aged women from Austria and asked them to choose the male body they liked the most. The women's choices overwhelmingly showed that they preferred a man who looked very much like an actual average man in their country. Specifically, the body that Austrian men thought women would like best was about 21 pounds more muscular than the body that Austrian women actually preferred.

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